The IBL3000 was developed in close co-operation with a customer, who had specific needs for op­erating a dry ice blaster in an environment with many challenges. Size and simplicity combined with strength and durability were the key facts.  With an overall width of only 400 mm the machine can easily be moved in and around in narrow spaces and especially in between machines in the production. This enables the operator to get closer to the point of cleaning and thereby being able to work with shorter length of blast hoses, which again gives a better cleaning result.

Height: 1110 mm | Width: 400 mm

Depth: 780 mm​​ | Weight: 86 kg ​​ | Hopper size: 25 kg​​

Dry Ice consumption: 25 a 90 kg / hr

Pressure: 2 – 16 bar

Being narrower does not mean a small dry ice hopper. The IBL3000 holds more than 25 kgs of dry ice, which for most applications is more than 30 minutes operation before refilling.

Operating and moving equipment around in tight spaces also means a risk of damage to the machine. That is why we have designed the operation of the equipment with components that are not sticking far out (risk of breaking of) and at the same time all components are placed protected behind the handles at the back of the machine.

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Intelblast - Dry Ice

Dry ice blasting serves many benefits cleaning without water or chemicals

Natural Substance

Deeper Cleaning

Safe on Electrical

No Damage

No Down Time



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IBL 2500

Intelblast - IBL3000

IBL 3000

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