There is no compromise when selecting an IBL2500 as it with the ¾” Festo air components will be suitable for most compressors on the market. Both factory air and mobile compressors. It is lighter and lower than the IBL3000, but a little wider. This way it still has a large hopper to reduce the number of fillings.

The nozzles for the IBL2500 are threaded which together with the blast gun makes it lighter. An adaptor makes it possible to use the full and extended ranger of nozzles that normally are supplied with the IBL3000.

Height: 900 mm | Width: 500 mm

Depth: 700 mm​​ | Weight: 81 kg ​​ | Hopper size: 23 kg​​

Dry Ice consumption: 25 a 90 kg / hr

Pressure: 2 – 12 bar

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Intelblast - Dry Ice

Dry ice blasting serves many benefits cleaning without water or chemicals

Natural Substance

Deeper Cleaning

Safe on Electrical

No Damage

No Down Time



Intelblast - IBL2500

IBL 2500

Intelblast - IBL3000

IBL 3000

Intelblast - PELLETIZER


To follow up on our car cleaning presentation here you have a short video showing some of the applications. #dryice # dryiceblasting #carcleaning

Cleaning your car inside and out using dry ice is not only safe and will not damage, but it is also dry, fast and much more effective than traditional methods. See how the magic works #dryice #intelblast #automotivecleaning #cardetailing #dryiceblasting

Intelblast and Coolclean will be exhibiting our dry ice blasting machines at Industry Days Budapest from 16- 19 May 2023. Come and see us at stand number 312C3. #intelblast #dryice #dryiceblasting #hungexpo

If you are out of space (like we are..) then a 10 foot container for #dryice production could be a good idea.
Come and visit us at our offices close to Barcelona, Spain to see how a solution for you could look like.

We are looking for a young, English speaking export representative to support our export department with marketing, research, participation at exhibitions, visit to partners around the globe etc.. If you are interested, then please send your CV to

#dryiceblasting of any kind of mold will insure a long life of the production equipment without any damage or use of chemicals. In-situ cleaning to increase productivity and reduce scrap. Have a look at our industry presentation for more info. #dryice #intelblast #moldcleaning.

Showing our #dryIceBlasting equipment at the Meximold Exhibition in Querétaro once again showed the great interest and commitment to the cleaning of molds using #dryice.

Polish partner and distributor PAMECH just finished a successful week at the Innoform exhibition in Bydgoszcz. Next opportunity to see #intelblast #dryiceblasting solutions will be at the Meximold show starting on 5th October in Qurerétaro, Mexico (Stand 502)

Industries where #DryIce can be used with great success and significant benefits are growing by the day. Have a look at this video showing #dryiceblasting of robotic lawn mowers. No damage and most importantly = No water to destroy expensive electronics.

Cleaning of forklifs with #dryice not only cleans better, but also without water that could damage electrical components. No damage to any surface.