The company was founded in Denmark in 2012, with an additional office
and production in Spain, and distribution to more than 25 countries worldwide.

The design of our dry ice blasters came as a response to the need of our customers in the automotive industries, who need machines which can be moved around in narrow spaces around the production lines. The result is our IBL3000 which is a 24/7 workhorse with outstanding cleaning power and with the lowest dry ice consumption on the market, still giving best cleaning result.

For two equally larger industries (food and plastic injection) we have developed the IBLmini, which besides a very attractive price also stands out as using very little compressed air.

Our IBL2500 will satisfy most users with factory air compressors or medium range mobile compressors (3-8 m3/min). It comes with powerful 3/4 “ Festo air components. Smart manufacturing makes this the ideal price-2-power machine on the market.

Latest development is our dry ice pelletizer, which allow users to manufacture their own dry ice.

All our machines are made in stainless steel and all components are from top international suppliers like FESTO and SIEMENS.

Our equipment and machines have made us a market leader both at the technological level and in our capacity for innovation.

Our innovative equipment and machines are developed, designed, produced and tested prior to operation in both Denmark and Spain. Our highlights are high quality, highest level of functionality and with a very important feature – easy maintenance.

We seek always to have solutions for all industries. And we constantly search for the most suitable machinery  for every need and for each customer.